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Rainbow Bridge Sessions

Free Rainbow Bridge sessions in the Cedar Valley

What is a Rainbow Bridge Session?

Rainbow Bridge Sessions are for pets preparing to cross the Rainbow Bridge due to illness or aging. It is said that when a pet passes away that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to the Rainbow Bridge as they wait patiently for their human. We'll take a step back and slow things down with a calm and relaxed session dedicated to honoring them. You can devote this time entirely to capturing images of your pet or have the family join in if you wish. 

It's never "just a dog" or "just a pet". They become a part of your family and someone you will want to remember forever. A Rainbow Bridge Session helps capture their expressions, their quirks, their paws and little details, and most importantly, the love you share with each other. 


Their session can be held on-location at a favorite spot of yours or in the privacy and comfort of your home or backyard. Your pet is my top priority during this session. If your session is time-sensitive, please be sure to share that upon inquiring about availability. Every effort will be made to accommodate your desired date. 

Why are Rainbow Sessions free?

Having grown up with dogs in our family and currently having two sassy Shih Tzus, I have an extra soft spot for them and how pets in general brighten our lives. Pets are our companions, our protectors, our safe place, our family and sometimes even our entertainment. This is my way of giving back to my community in a way that will help capture our beloved pets that make us happy every day. 

"Can we tip you for this service?" Short answer, absolutely. The long answer, I decided right from the beginning, any tips given for these sessions will be forwarded on to a non-profit I love called Fur the Brand. This awesome non-profit helps pet parents pay for their pets' cancer treatment when they might not be able to afford it. I feel their core values and mission pair well with my Rainbow Bridge Sessions. Want to learn more about what Fur the Brand does? Check them out here:

What's included in your Rainbow Bridge Session?

  • 5 free digital images in a private online gallery with the option to purchase the full gallery for a small fee.

  • 20 minute photo session in a local location of your choice (local park or your home/yard). I also have some great location suggestions.

FAQ about my Rainbow Bridge Sessions (RBS):

  • Pets must be considered "senior" for the breed OR diagnosed with an illness that doesn't leave them much time.

  • RBS are scheduled Monday - Thursday only.

  • RBS are free within 15 minutes of Waterloo. There is a small travel fee for areas outside of this area.

  • I prefer to have these sessions outdoors, but I do have a studio in Waterloo if the weather is an issue.

  • RBS are roughly 20 minutes long and you will receive 5 free images with the option to purchase the full gallery for a small fee. 

  • The immediate family of the pet is highly encouraged in the session!

  • Starting in 2023:  I will NOT be taking any RBS from Oct - Nov as that is my extremely busy season with the exception of
    emergency situations if my schedule allows. You may schedule a regular family
    session with me during this time though that includes your pet if desired.

The reality of losing our beloved pets can feel incredibly sad, but Rainbow Bridge Sessions are designed to be a celebration of your friendship and love with your pet. 

Ready to schedule your Rainbow Bridge Session? Fill out my form HERE

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This page is dedicated in loving memory of Micky
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